Friday, September 27, 2013

When John Lennon blasted the Jews; rave reviews of my show with John Friend

==========John Lennon on the Jews
That was definitely a Hitler salute, and Lennon’s body language and mischievous look says he knew exactly what he was .. repeatedly .. doing there, a Hitler salute. And he also knew, when the reporter questioned him, that his statement that “show business is an extension of the Jewish religion” was explosive, so he refused to comment on his comment. ;-)
The Beatles also sang in German, hmmmmm, and their career actually took off in Hamburg. (The Beatles sing “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand” which is “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in German) (“She Loves You” in German, “Sie Liebt Dich“)
And guess what I once heard? A studio recording of “Get Back” where John Lennon sang “Paki [yes], get back to where you’re coming from” = Pakistan!!!
A comrade in England wrote:
The original Sergeant Pepper album cover was going to have a Hitler in it, but it was taken out at the last moment.
I think John was a bit racist and I read somewhere that he couldn’t stand ‘wasp jews’.. I think he was politically inconsistent but went with the popular zeitgeist in his pseudo-Che revolutionary fad.
Another  comrade, a former Marine, wrote.
In his song “Revolution” ( he sings ‘If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow’ and “count me out.”
The Bolsheviks wanted John to be their poster boy but he wouldn’t go along.
He knew the entertainment industry was full of parasites and despised them. John was only 40 when he was killed. For 17 years he was sheltered from much of reality, nor had he access to books of importance. 40 years old — how many people this day and age, with all the access we have today, still don’t get it?
Picture back in the 1960′s or 70′s not too many Pro-Whites around. Heck, back then we thought we were invincible, and our extinction would have been the furthest thing from anybody’s mind.
The English comrade responded:
 Yeah… in England we thought we actually won the war.
I replied:
In 1965 we White Americans were the BIG WHITE DOG. And the Mexicans were just little chihuahuas and the Blacks were little black terriers. Now the other dogs are a HUGE PACK and the White Dog has some gray around his muzzle. (The average White in America is 42 years old!!!)
The Marine wrote:
Exactly, John. That’s why the only TV or movies I ever watch were pre-1990. Watch the movies from the 1970s –they’re corny and maybe suck, but it is all-White, with maybe a token negro here or there. Some Whites are good, some are bad, but they are portrayed as men, not negro-worshiping cowards, sodomites or “nazis.”
“The Rifleman” with Chuck Connor was a big 1960s Western series
chuck-connors-the-riflemanLater, John Lennon did a nasty song, I guess, to stay in good with his masters. Listen to these lyrics by John “Lenin”:
“Imagine there’s no heaven” – the song is really preaching atheism and instead, quote, “living for today”… “Imagine there’s no countries”— total NWO toxin. I wonder if these Icelandic beauties have any idea what they are really singing?
A comrade wrote me on Facebook:
In later years Lennon said he had regret for writing those lyrics.
Another wrote:
About five years ago, some documents were revealed that demonstrated that Lennon was opposite his music alter ego.
I replied:
Oh good! There is no question the FBI murdered him, so he must have turned against his erstwhile masters.
The lesson is that once you cross the Jews, they will never forgive you and so they murdered him using the MK-ULTRA Mark David Chapman.
So you might as well go ALL THE WAY. The Jews do!

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