Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Do All These People Have In Common? They're All Jews...


  1. It is odd, is it not, that the majority of the world's power-brokers are Jews, depite the relatively few numbers of their race? It is interesting, and significant, too, that all of them are embarked on their respective endeavors in the pursuit of evil throughout the globe. If this world is the realm of Satan, are the Jews his Angels of Destruction? The history of humanity...the world...suggests that they are.

  2. Since the founding of the privately owned "Federal" Reserve banking system established on the night of Dec. 23, 1913, on Jekyll Island, an elitist resort off the coast of the American state of Georgia, almost every chairman of this world-powerful institution has been a Jew. Jews and and Jews, an interesting dynamic that harkens back to biblical Old Testament times...the Jew Joseph vs Gentile Egypt. Joseph, so the Bible says, wheedled...cajoled...himself into a position of vast power, a position second only to the then-reigning Pharoah himself. Jews and money, money and Jews.
    Since the 1913 establishment of the Federal Reserve, an entity neither federal nor reserve, a private banking entity founded by the immensely wealthy and thus powerful Jewish Rothschild family dynastsy...Jews have controlled the money supply of America and that of most of the countries of the Western world. When the chairman of the New York City-based Federal Reserve coughs...the rest of the world catches the flu. The various economies of the world are controlled vis-a-vis the Jewish Federal Reserve. The American economic system is reliant on this false, contrived monetary system in the same way that a starving baby is reliant on the foul, corrupt milk of his drug-addicted mother's teat. The Federal Reserve "prints" money out of thin tangible assets back the worthless paper currency. Federal Reserve Notes are backed only by the "Full faith and credit of the United States of America," a nation of little faith and no credit.