Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to the Police State of America...May I see your papers?

A video uploaded to YouTube on Friday night appears to show a group of young women being hassled by a police officer for open-carrying their firearms into a Missouri Walmart.
According to the video’s description, the “four young ladies went for a quick bite to eat in Marshfield Missouri at a local Walmart.” A police officer, who said he was responding to a call, then showed up on the scene and demanded the group of women — even those not carrying a firearm — immediately produce identification.
Even a U.S. Passport from one of the individuals doesn’t satisfy the officer, who demands to know if she has any other form of identification.
The video then shows the unidentified officer appear to detain the girls outside.
“Are we being detained?” one girl is heard quietly asking in a confused manner.
When one of their friends arrives on scene, he too is asked by the officer to produce a form of identification.
“Am I being suspected of something?” the man asks.
“I don’t know,” the officer replies, adding he is simply there responding to a call. ”I’m wanting to see some identification. Do you have your identification I can see?”
“I do,” the man says.
“I’d like to see it then,” the officer firmly says.
While searching for his drivers license, the man continues to press the officer as to why he is being asked to show his identification.
“Is there… did I break a law or anything?” the man asks. “Has a law been broken sir?
Again, the officer replies that he is unsure.
“I don’t know yet,” the cop says. “That’s what I am trying to determine here.”
After being forced to stand in a corner of the Walmart parking lot for several, it appears Marshfield Police Chief Doug Fannan eventually arrives on the scene.
The officer discusses various ordinances regarding carrying firearms, before appearing to let the group of individuals go.

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  1. A most interesting, informative...and Four young women bearing openly carried firearms and bearing carry permits for them, are harassed by a Marshfield, Missouri police officer for having the gall, the nerve, the practice their Second Amendment right to "Have and bear arms." This right, though, although explicitly guaranteed by the 1791 Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, an addendum to the U.S. Constitution ratified in 1789, has come under vicious attack by the Jewish media and its mindless and slavish sycophants, including the masses of clueless, mis-informed formerly free Americans. The officer conducts himself in quite an abrupt, discourteous manner, is almost openly hostile to the American citizens who are merely excercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to keep aand bear arms. This video reveals the troubling...and dangerous...fact that too many Americans know nothing not for...the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Even more disturbing is the police officer's obvious ignorance of the Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. Troubling. Disturbing. Wake up, sleeping American sheeple. Your rights are going, going...