Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tim Wise infuriates fan base after suggesting non-white anti-racists do not work as hard as he does

Tim Wise is a radical left-wing cultural Marxist. He has also publicly advocated that his followers murder members of the TEA Party. Despite his call for murder, the media treats him like royalty. He has make a fortune by giving talks where he claims that white people make too much money.
Wise has made so much money with his hustle, that other left-wing activists are getting jealous. They want Wise to share the limelight and money-making opportunities with them.
Wise lashed out at these people on Facebook..
And this is what’s funny…every second that fools troll my site, complaining about how I take up all the antiracist space so they can’t be heard, is a moment they aren’t setting up their own website, blog, or writing their own book…but they wanna blame me for why no one knows who they are…it’s not on me sweetheart..plenty of people of color get book deals and speaking gigs each year…if u di…dn’t its not on me…it’s cuz u havent said anything that anyone finds valuable…deal with that rather than wasting time trolling…Maybe another POC blew up your spot rather than me…ever think of that? No, of course not…cuz that would require critical thought rather than simplistic hater bs and stuff u can put on tumblr…seriously, it’s time for people to be told to step off…feel free to jump off the page trolls….or I can bounce you…and would love to…trust me, u will lose this beef..badly…
Tim Wise is a regular guest on CNN. Wise calls himself an “anti-racist educator” on twitter. Wise gives speeches and writes books where he claims that white people make to much money. He has made him very very wealthy with this schtick. On November 5th, 2012 he called on his followers to murder members of the TEA Party. Despite advocating murder, CNN and other networks continue to use and promote him.
Tim Wise calls for shooting Tea Party members in the face.

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  1. To my discredit I've never heard of this Tim Wise phony anti-racist who is a racist himself. And he makes mounds of money while castigating people who make money? This fool is a self-serving opportunist who profiteers via his illogical and contradictory spiels to the increasingly debased, disingenuous...lying Jewish media. But then, the Jews are the spawn of their father, Satan, the Great Deceiver, the Master of Lies. Like father, like spawn...