Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There Were No Secrets at Auschwitz


  1. The history of the myriad events that occurred during WW11 is murky, recondite, at best; deceptive, disingenuous at worst. In the wake of the end of every war throughout history, it is the victor who seizes the spoils...and writes the biased history of the event. The written and spoken history regarding WW11 is no exception to this rule. The allied forces comprised mainly of America, Great Britain, France and the nascent Soviet Union won the war against Hitler's Third Reich and its ally, "fascist" Italy. It is they, then, who have written the "history" of the Second World War. And, of course, it is a biased history, replete with inaccuracies and outright lies. To the victor go the spoils of war...and the recounting of the history of it. Since the end of the war that desroyed Hitler's noble effort to rid his beloved Germany and Austria of the yoke of Jewish treachery and oppression, as exemplified by the infamous crime and vice-infested Weimar Republic controlled by the Jews, ersatz historians have written many books about the dynamics of the war that changed history and the map of the world. Entire nations changed name and governance, particularly those of Eastern Europe. Although Hitler is accused by Jewish historians of seeking to change the map of the world, to dominate all her peoples, it was, in fact, the Soviet Union headed by then-Premier Josef Stalin, that ultimately changed the map of the world and the governance of the millions of people who fell under his demonic sway. During the infamous Yalta Conference held in April, 1945, a conference attended by the "Big Three," i.e., American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Premier Josef Stalin. During this misbegotten conference, Stalin was given power over most of the formerly free eastern European states, power accorded to him by Roosevelt and Churchill. These states to which Hitler posed no threat...were given to Stalin. The rest is history. Stalin, after given his power over Eastern Europe by the "freedom-loving" allies...went on to murder over 70,000,000 innocent people during his 18-year reign of savage brutallity. Alas, though...had Hitler, an ardent anti-communist, been allowed by the freedom-loving ( LOL ) allies to nip the communist military machine in the bud...the 70-year reign and abuses by the communists would never have occurred. The defeat of Hitler in 1945 ushered in decades of communist abuses via the starvation...torture...murder...of innocent civilians who had the grievous misfortune to fall prey to the savage Stalinist regime. But the sordid story of communist abuses of human rights...of the savage brutality of these Godless regimes...does not end with Stalin, the Butcher of Eastern Europe. After Stalin came the Korean War, a.k.a., the Forgotten War in which over 38,000 American soldiers fought, bled and died. While this Jew-inspired, misbegotten war was raging, the Chinese communist Mao-Tse-Tung was actively engaged in exterminating his own people. When this brutal butcher finally was finally summoned to his place in Hell in the 1950s, he had murdered over 100,000,000 of his own people. Then came the Vietnam War, yet another "conflict" against International Jewish-inspired communism, a conflict in which over 58,000 young Americans died. Every one of these costly wars were fought via the instigation of the International Jews who fomented them. The Jew, the Jew, the Jew...