Saturday, September 14, 2013

THE TURNER DIARIES (Complete Audio) by Dr.William L. Pierce

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  1. This writer has read Dr. William L. Pierce's prescient novel, The Turner Diaries, a novel that predicts the future of America, twice. Written in the early '70s under the pseudonym...the nom de guerre... Andrew MacDonald...Pierce's novel is a harbinger of the American Police State that is emerging even now. Many, if not most, of Pierce's predictions as written in his novel have already happened, or are soon to happen. Pierce's, The Turner Diaries, is a must-read for every American who is alarmed by the current state of affairs that exists now in this once-free country, the erstwhile "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave." Read this book while you still can...before it is banned by America's increasingly Stalinist government, a Zionist-controlled government that hates the truth, suppresses it...and seeks to enslave the once- free American citizen.