Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Missing "Holocaust"

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  1. The "Holocaust" purportedly suffered by the Jews during Adolph Hitler's Third Reich is even today the subject of controversy. Many well researched articles and books have been published that call into question the Jews' claims that six million of them perished...were maliciously murdered...by Hitler during WW11. In recent times, researchers of various nationalities have painstakingly investigated former Nazi-run concentration and so-called death camps in which masses of Jews purportedly perished...reports recounted by Jews. Many, if not most, of the claims of these Jewish agitators have been found to to be false...outright lies. Yet many gullible and naive people throughout the world still believe them, despite verifiable evidence to the contrary. Modern-day cynical and self-serving Jews have fashioned the alleged Holocaust into a self-perpetuating industry unto itself, an industry that for almost 70 years has yielded them immense profits, not to mention unearned sympathy and prestige as an allegedly egregiously abused people.