Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Face of Hypocrisy

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  1. Literally laughing out loud!! This hate-contorted face is one of many you and I have seen before, i.e., the hate-contorted faces of the so-called peace, love and tolerance crowd. You and I know better than this...we know first-hand that these people are fakes, frauds, phonys, as well as mentally ill. This ilk of sub-humanity is indeed long as you agree with them. While they call those who dare to oppose them intolerant fascists...THEY are the real fascists who tolerate no speech other than theirs. But this is old news...we already know this, because we've seen these hate-filled people first-hand on 10th Street in the People's Republic of Columbus, Ga. There is no reasoning with such people, for they are not reasonable people. Logical arguments do not work with illogical people. To attempt to do so is like eating a sweet apple that is really a sour lemon. It won't work...never has, never will. Accept the fact that there are many mentally sick people among us, and no amount of logical persuasion can ever change them, just like the evil of satan can never be changed. Such is life in this now upside-down world, a world in which common logic no longer applies...