Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Author of this Blog Fully Supports Honest Law Enforcement.

3 Open Carry protesters vs Constitutional LAWFUL Sheriff 


  1. A most encouraging and refreshing video taped in Oakland County, state unknown. A group of young men assembled on a public thoroughfare is approached by a deputy sheriff after he receives a call from a citizen (s). The men, bearing politically oriented home-made signs and some openly carrying firearms, apparently scared the citizen (s) who called the sheriffs department. The men, expecting to be harassed, video-taped the encounter. Much to the men's surprise, and relief, the deputy conducted himself in an exemplary and professional manner. He shook hands with each of the men and told them that they were doing "nothing wrong." "You're an American citizen," he said. He added, "I'm out here to get bad guys, not people exercising their constitutional rights."
    Such an amiable encounter as this would not have occurred in the intolerant, politically correct, multi-cultural cesspool that is the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia, a dark and dirty town comprised of semi-literate people who think the First Amendment is a football team or reality show.
    The video, unfortunately, did not mention the name of the deputy, a man of the law who actually adheres to his oath of office, i.e., his sworn oath to preserve and protect the dictates of the U.S. Constitution. This deputy is, alas, an increasingly rare breed in these Orwellian times. He is indeed a hero...

  2. If anybody feels compelled to write or call this officer to thank him for his outstanding service, here is his contact info -
    Deputy Paul Buell
    Oakland County Sheriff - Orion Twp. Substation
    2525 Joslyn Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48360
    (248) 858-4950

    1. Michael Weaver's father did call. He should be able to commend the officer personally tomorrow.

  3. It is news for whites; just as their is "News for Blacks". No biggie.

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