Saturday, September 14, 2013

SPLC Promotes Left-Wing Extremists, and Domestic Terrorist Groups

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  1. The Montgomery, Ala.-based Southern "Poverty" Law Center (SPLC), an American Communist Party front group, is indeed an organization that encourages...sponsors...the hateful tactics of mentally ill and hate-filled miscreants desperately seeking a cause to champion, a cause to lend meaning to an otherwise meaningless life. The leftist SPLC, nominally headed by attorney Morris Dees ( Morris Sleaze ), is a self-proclaimed civil rights organization that claims to champion the rights of poor and downtrodden minorities who purportedly have been abused by racist whites. In this regard the SPLC is a fake, a fraud, a phony. When the SPLC sues white alleged abusers of minority "victims," the fraudulent SPLC pockets most, if not all, of the proceeds of the court judgment. The "victim" receives little or no compensatory damages for his or her "pain and suffering." The ample pockets of Dees, biased Intelligence Report ( the quarterly publication promulgated by the SPLC ) editorialist Mark Potok, and the real behind-the-scenes head of the SPLC, the Jew Richard Cohen, bulge with the much more than 30 pieces of silver that are obtained via the lawsuits initiated by the communist SPLC. The SPLC has in recent months been exposed as the cynical, self-serving fraud that it is by such luminaries as television and radio hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The once shiny patina of the SPLC, a sick, anti-American organization comprised of sick people who champion the homosexual agenda among other socially destructive gradually losing its luster. Good riddance to a sick organization comprised of sick people.