Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sister of hate crime murder suspect blames white people for driving her brother to hate whites

CNN is still trying to claim that the murder of Chris Lane is not racially motivated. Two people have been charged with murder. Of of the suspects has tweets about hating white people and targeting white people for violence. The other suspect charged with murder has a “Black Power” banner prominently displayed on his Facebook page. A third person has been charged with being an “accomplice after the fact.” That person appears to be racially mixed, but the media is conveniently calling him “white.”
CNN interviewed the sister of murder suspect James Edwards. Surprisingly the CNN host brings up one of Edward’s anti-white tweets. His sister then blames white people for the tweet. CNN host Erin Burnett pretends like this is a perfectly valid explanation for Edward’s violent anti-white tweets.
 This website has published more of James Edward’s violent anti-tweets than probably any media outlet in the world.


  1. Oh, how sweet!! Erin Burnett, a newscaster for CNN News Corp., conducted an interview with Rachel Padilla, the sister of James Edwards Jr., one of the three thugs charged with the Aug. 16 racially motivated murder of Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old white college student from Melbourne, Australia. Lane was shot in the back with a .22 revolver while he was jogging near his girlfriend's house in Duncan, Okla. In the syrupy, cloying interview, the almost tearful Burnett asked Padilla about her brother's Facebook postings and his tweets on Twitter that glorified violence against whites. In one video, Edwards is shown pointing a rifle at the camera and his cohort holding it. Among Edwards' various postings were comments virulently hostile to whites. One of Edwards' posts said that 90 percent of whites are "nasty," and other black racist invective against whites. Reverse this scenario, i.e., reverse the races of the murder victim and the killer. Had the murderer been white and the victim black, Burnett's interview would have been of an entirely different cast and tempo. Burnett's eyes would have blazed as she interviewed the sister of the white killer, the demonic white racist killer who gunned down an innocent black person for no reason other than anti-black racism. But Burnett, a white Gentile female, is an ignorant and naive shill for her Jewish media masters. May her father, Satan, forgive her, for she knows not what she does...

  2. One has to be nice on the television. Hopefully she was cursing the boon under her breath. They had to widen the camera lense to get her in the interview.