Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quote by Malcolm X


  1. Malcolm X, an erstwhile key figure in the black nationalist movement of the early 1960s, was right on target vis-a-vis his insightful comment that the Jews do, in fact, own and run the mass media. The ever-pervasive Jewish mega-media machine can, in fact, turn Jesus the Christ into Satan, and vice-versa...

  2. Most of the masses of food consumers of the world are blissfully unaware that the foodstuffs they buy cost more than they should. They are not aware of the Jewish-imposed "Kosher" tax that is added to many of the food items that they purchase with their hard-earned money. Extract various food items from your pantry or refridgerator and look carefully at the container. More often than not you will detect, in small print, a K surrounded by a circle. This symbol signifies that the food has been ordained as kosher by a Rabbi. Look also for a U surrounded by a circle. This symbol is the mark of the Union of Orthodox Jews. The Rabbis who "bless" these food items receive a substantial sum for their ministrations, again, a fact unknown to most of the world's consumers of food...everyone must eat. The Jews, the Jews...the Jews. The Jews are there wherever and whenever there is illicit money to be always...