Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Prison Industrial Complex


  1. Virtually every large publib/private business endeavor in America has, in recent years, grown..."matured"...into a self-serving, self-perpetuating industry unto itself, i.e.,industries controlled by the amoral/ immoral people who own them: A self-infating ballooon, if you will: A self-licking ice cream cone. All for-profit industries are established, and run, by selfish, self-serving people who seek profit in return for their investment in the industry in which they invest, even if that industry is an evil one,i.e., an industry that profits from the woes...misfortunes...of their fellow men and women. This detestable dynamic is especially true in regards to the Jail/Prison Industry, the fastest and most aggressively growing industry in a world of people that incarcerates, justifiably, but mainly unjustifiably, an ever-increasing number of its people. To be continued...

  2. America's much-touted criminal "justice" system IS, in fact, a CRIMINAL system, i.e., a system run by the criminals who administer it, criminals on the "right side" of the law as written by the lawmakers, criminals themselves, who write the laws that they themselves violate every day and night of the week, laws that victimize the poor and working-class people it judges and incarcerates on a daily and nightly basis, poor and working-class people who cannot afford the unaffordable fees of a paid attorney and thus must rely on a state-appointed public defender who works for the state, not the defendant. Enter the "best interest" plea bargain. Honest judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys will admit, when pressed, that the plea bargain is a cynical device contrived for the benefit of the State, the prosecution, not for the benefit of the accused, whether innocent or guilty. These judges, lawyers and prosecutors, when forced to acknowledge the dirty little secret of American jurisprudence as practiced in this country that prides itself on the concepts of honesty and integrity in the pursuit of justice...know that the plea bargain is, in essence, an "end run" around the law's purported quest for the truth regarding any particular criminal case. Again, the plea bargain is a device the purpose of which is to cajole...coerce...the accused person into admitting to a crime that he or she did not commit. This is NOT justice!! Even worse...MUCH worse...the presiding judge, the prosecuting attorney and the "defense" attorney...all KNOW that the accused is not guilty of the crime of which he is accused, yet the prosecution continues nonetheless. The judge and prosecutor pride themselves on their stellar record of convictions, whether the convictions are justified or not. Convictions are the name of the game, and it matters not if an innocent person is found guilty via the plea bargain. The innocent accused, having made his deal with the devil, having pleaded guilty to a crime that he knows, and the prosecutor knows, he did not commit...now bears the burden, wears the mantle, of a convict, a dire status that will plague, haunt him...for the rest of his life. The innocent convict is now a social pariah, and many doors of employment opportunities are now closed to him. But no matter, for the prosecutor has punched yet another hole in his belt of convictions, the State has been spared the expense of a trial by jury, the judge is satisfied, and the public defender leaves the corrupt courtroom, a State-issued paycheck in hand. And the ignorant and gullible American public is satisfied that justice has been done, blissfully unaware of the dirty, well-hidden secret of American jurisprudence. And the falsely accused of humble means goes to prison...