Saturday, September 14, 2013

Police State Horror: Pittsburgh fines residents for parking in their own driveway

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  1. Ridiculous. Absurd. An egregious misuse of government power, power that increasingly abuses the people whom it ostensibly "serves and protects." The citzen/serfs of Pittsburgh, Pa. are not allowed to park their cars in their OWN driveways via an obscure local ordinance enacted decades ago, an ordinance of which the citizen/serfs were unaware. The tickets issued for this heinous offense can be quite expensive, depending on the number of previous violations. Government at all levels, seeing that the citizens whom it purorts to serve have, via the decades-long debased public education system and their equally long exposure to the white Gentile-hating Jewish-conrolled media, become dumbed-down to the point of idiocy, idiots who neither know nor understand their rights as free citizens. The American government has been, is, running amok. The American government at all levels is out of control, no longer serves the people but, rather...itself.