Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Police State Horror in suburban Toledo neighborhood

A man allegedly asked a police officer to move his vehicle, because he was blocking the man’s driveway. The officer was writing a license plate citation for someone else. The officer’s car is marked Washington Township.
You can then see from pictures and video that the man, his wife, and fourteen year old son and manhandled, forced to lay in the street, and repeatedly threatened with violence.
The officer is also seen snatching a phone from a witness and throwing it. The man was talking to Toledo police. The officer orders the man not to talk to Toledo police about the incident.
The officer then screams at witnesses, who are standing far away, to leave the area.
Neighbors mass and express horror and call Toledo police.
The scene is reminiscent of totalitarian police states where it is illegal to question the actions of a police officer.
A bizarre scene was recorded in Toledo involving an officer aiming his Taser at an entire family, including a boy, as they were forced to lay in the middle of the street. According to witnesses, the aggressive encounter originated when a man questioned the way an officer was handling a license plate citation for his neighbor. The man who spoke up, and his entire family, were ripped from their vehicle and threatened with a taser.
Aaron Tatkowski told Toledo News Now that he returned home on Sunday to find his daughter-in-law, Cassandra Meyers, pulled over in a traffic stop on their street by a Washington Township Police officer. Tatkowski witnessed the officer speaking to her in a way that upset him, so he questioned the officer.
“He hollered for me to get back in my truck, so I got back in my truck,” Tatkowski told reporters. “Next thing you know, I’m yanked out of the truck and it made my girlfriend say a few things. He yanked her out of the truck.”
Tatkowski, his girlfriend, and his 14-year-old son were all ripped from the vehicle and made to lay down in the street. Tatkowski began to fear for the safety of his family and called out to a witness to begin recording.
The video begins with the encounter already in progress. An adult male, an adult female, and a boy are laying face down in the street with a heavyset officer pointing his taser at them, screaming.
Christine Lipper uploaded the video to YouTube on September 15. Based on what she and others witnessed, she titled the video “Crazy Toledo Cop.”
Neighbors gathered along the quiet street inside the trailer park, dismayed at the heated encounter. One concerned neighbor whispered, “Call a different cop.”
The frazzled officer — identified as Officer Hart — continued to exchange words with the family he had proned out in the middle of the street.
Lipper briefly described the events on the caption of the video, saying, “The cop pulled somebody over and blocked neighbors driveway, neighbor comes home and asks cop to move vehicle..this is what happens.”

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