Monday, September 30, 2013

Police State Horror in MO: Family members of dying girl were pepper sprayed and arrested

Imagine being pepper sprayed and arrested for being upset that your daughter is dying. Then the cops handcuff to a chair and make you wait three hours before they will tell you if she lived or died. (She died).
The Joplin Police Chief, Lane Roberts, is alleging that the violent arrest of two family members was justified. The father and son are still fighting multiple criminal charges six months later.
As his teenage daughter lay dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a Joplin, Mo., man and his son were pepper sprayed by local police and taken to jail, where they were handcuffed to a bench for being upset.
On March 17, 16-year-old Brook Russell took her own life with a single gunshot wound to the head in a park just a few blocks from her home. When her mother, Julissa Russell, became worried on that fateful Sunday evening because the teen didn’t return from a run, she went looking for her daughter. Shortly after, Julissa Russell frantically called her husband, Kevin Russell.
“I got a call from my wife and she was screaming, I couldn’t even understand her,” Kevin Russell told KSPR.  “I knew something was wrong, I never heard her scream like that, and I said ‘Julissa please slow down,’ and I heard ‘gun,’ I heard ‘blood.’”
Moments later, Kevin Russell and his son Brant, Brooke’s brother, arrived at the park and frantically sought help.
“I remember saying, ‘Oh my God.’ I threw my phone down while I was on with 911 and I ran to her. I checked for a pulse but didn’t feel a pulse and there was just a little mark, I really couldn’t tell, the back of her head,” Kevin said. “And I looked into her eyes and her eyes were halfway open like she was sleeping with her eyes open.”
When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the understandably upset family hoped that there was some chance Brooke’s life would be saved, but the teen’s condition and the entire situation rapidly took a turn for the worse.
“To me, time was everything. I was going, ‘Let’s go, get her to the hospital, hurry up, hurry up,’” Kevin Russell told KSPR.
The father said that things then became much worse.
The first responder turned away from Brooke to her father to ask what had happened. That’s when, as her father looked on in disbelief, the teen’s body rolled off the gurney on which she had been placed.
Next, the family alleges, some badged, pepper spray-wielding thugs saw the need to intervene.
“I started screaming and said, ‘Do your f-ing job, get her to the hospital,’ and the EMT put his finger in my face and said, ‘Calm down, sir.’ I was screaming, ‘Please get her to the hospital.’ And right about that time a police officer ran up on the sidewalk and I saw Brant go down.”
The father and son were quickly pepper sprayed by police and arrested.
“I was on the pavement, I couldn’t breathe and another officer put a knee in my back and told me to get up and he said if I didn’t get up he was going to Tase me,” Brant Russell said of the takedown.
As their loved one perished, the men — charged with assault, disturbing the peace and obstruction — spent the next three hours handcuffed to a bench in the city’s jail.

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