Saturday, September 14, 2013

No More Foreign Aid To the Terrorist State of Israel!!!


  1. The hard-working tax-payers of America send the bastard State of Israel over $5 billion every year, the largest amount of largess received by any other country in the world. This money, along with the billions of dollars worth of military materiel, i.e., tanks, jet fighter-bombers, small arms, etc., is used by the Israelis to continue their subjugation of the Palestinian people, the original occupants of the land that Israel claims as hers. While the government of Israel, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has for decades claimed to want a peaceful resolution to the decades-old and still on-going Israeli/Palestinian "crisis," the Israeli government continues to approve the expansion of Jewish "settlements" into Palestinian territory, egregious violations of International Law vis-a-vis United Nations mandates. But, of course, Israel...the Jewish people...are above any law.

  2. Most of these Evil Zionists are not even Jewish! Htey are from the Khazar Empire and that is where they need to be thrown back into and a huge wall to keep the fuckers in! Give Palestine back to the Palestinian People!