Friday, September 6, 2013

Jesse Jackson's Quote Regarding Racial Profiling


  1. The Rhyming Reverend Jesse Jackson is the usual "liberal" hypocrite. Like most of his deceitful, disingenuous ilk, he is an abject fake, fraud, phoney. Liberals talk the sweet convenient talk but dare not to walk-the walk of their self-proclaimed creed. Liberals claim to love the violence-prone black race but use their gained by the capitalist system they claim so avidly to remove themselves from the presence of the people they so ardently champion in public, while loathing them in the privacy and safety of their opulent, lily-white, guarded- and- gated white-flight zone communities. The "liberal" gun-grabbers are of the same noxious ilk: they claim to hate guns while surrounding themselves with a large phalanx of heavily ( gun ) armed bodyguards. The liberal mantra, apparently, is "Do as I say, not as I do." Liberals, the self-proclaimed aristoi, closet narcissists all... believe that their lives and property are more important...more precious...than those of the rank-and-file hoi-poloi, the ignorant unwashed masses whose sole purpose in life is to adore their better educated and informed betters. Liberal...thy name is hypocrite...

  2. May Jesse Jackson be left by the side of the road penniless in Detroit. May it be on a dark and moonless night. May he encounter his own kind and no one know him for who he is. For many of his kind, it wouldn't even matter. The reverend will learn the meaning of sincere prayer.