Monday, September 2, 2013

Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11 - "Our Purpose Was To Document The Event"

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  1. Israel, America's "Gallant little ally," as a top U.S. official once described the rogue nation that is the epi-center of world turmoil and likely will be the cause of NOT a true friend of America, is an "ally" in name only. This, despite the fact that Israel has been the number one recipient of American tax-payer- funded foreign aid since its ignomious birth in May of 1948 via the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1947. Since that time, Israel, a land the size of the American state of New Jersey, has received billions of hard-earned American tax dollars every year. Most of this money is used by the artificially contrived Israeli government to purchase military materiel, i.e., advanced American-made military weapons that the Zionist/racist Israeli government uses to oppress...abuse...and murder...the indigenous Palestinian population that has occupied the land since ancient times. In essence, hard-working American tax payers have, for almost 70 years, been funding an aggressive,ever-expansionist "state" that throughout its history has, via the largess of America and various European nations from which it extracts "reparations" based on WW11-era allegations of the "neglect" of the Jewish people during the Third Reich of Adolph Hitler, allegations that credible historians have proven to be false...has immensely enriched itself. But then, lies and deceit and deception are the historical ways, the ages-old preferred techniques of the people, the spawn, of their father, Satan, the Father of Lies, of Deceit, of Deception. These base, treacherous techniques have served the Jews well in their eternal evil quest for world domination, an evil quest that is manifest even in our time. No, Israel is not America's ally and never has been. The Julius and Ethel Rosenberg affair. The Lavon affair. The June 8, 1967 unprovoked attack by the Israelis on the U.S.S. Liberty that killed 34 American sailors and grievously wounded almost 200 others, a dastardly affair that was covered up by the Jewish media and its barking lapdog, the U.S. government. The Jonathan Pollard affair in which Pollard, a Jewish spy, was caught sending classified American national security documents to his Israeli bosses. The "Sandy" Berger affair, in which Berger, a Jew, and a top official in the Clinton administration, was caught smuggling top secret American documents out of Washington D.C. ( District of Corruption ) in his socks. And now, as this writer writes these lines, the Israeli government is gulling the gullible American people into yet another war in the Middle East, this time Syria. Israel is NOT a friend or ally of America. Far from it. If anything, Israel is the bane of America and the Western world...