Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Time to End This Zionist Occupation!!!

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  1. The Jewish race has been a treacherous race since the beginning of time, since Old Testament times. The nature and character of the Jews have not changed since those times. They continue to wreak their havoc wherever they abide...especially in Europe and America. The Jews, a demonically shrewd people, gained control of the American and European media early in the 20th century, an investment that has profitted them immensely. It is via the media, after all, that people world-wide obtain their "knowledge" of past and current events. Those who control the dissemination of information, false information though it may be...control the future. And, as of yet, the Jews, via their biased and self-serving reportage of "news," are, in fact...seeking to manage...control...future events, events that include the still on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars in which thousands of Americans have fought, bled and died. Israel, the bastard "state" established by the British in 1948 via the infamous Lord Balfour Declaration...has been the instigator of wars throughout the Middle Eastern region. The Israeli Mossad, in tandem with the American CIA, have already destabilized the governments of Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria. The Israelis will not rest until they control the entire Middle East. And, as is their ages-old modus operendi, they will exploit the the naivete of other nations to fight their battles for them...American forces in particular. No, the treachery of the Jews has not changed since ancient biblical times...