Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is new movie designed to stir up racial hatred against white people?

Collection of female sex slaves owned by a wealthy Turk. They are guarded by a castratedAfrican male slave. This picture is from 1890!
Black people living in the United States have a higher average standard of living than black people in any other country in the world. In most case, their average standard of living is astronomically higher.
The African slave trade was run, primarily by Arab Muslims, from the 8th century to the 19th century. Black slaves in Muslim countries were not allowed to have families. Men were usually used as cannon fodder slave soldiers. In some cases, African slave soldiers were mass murdered and replaced with fresh slaves if too much time passed between wars. Other male Sub-Saharan African slaves were castrated and used as guards by wealthy Muslims. Women were used as sex slaves. Slavery was not outlawed in Turkey until 1908. Slavery was not even outlawed in Saudi Arabia until 1956.
Of all the Sub-Saharan Africans taken, fewer than 10% were brought across the Atlantic ocean. These slaves fared far better than slaves taken to North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey. Of those slaves taken across the Atlantic, fewer than 10% of them were brought to what is now America. That small amount fared far better than any other African slaves in the Western Hemisphere.
So what is the reason for the relentless hammering of hatred against white people in America over slavery?

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  1. The Jews Monopolized the slave trade from the 1600's to the late 1800's, it was not Muslims or Arabs who brought the slaves over to the New World. After this and with all the boats they owned they dominated are large portion of merchant trade routes and drug trafficking