Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iran has never called for 'Israel to be Wiped off the map'this has been proven!

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  1. A most interesting and insightful post, as most posts by white nationalist Michael Weaver tend to be. Weaver's blog, the White Information Network ( WIN ), is slowly but inexorably coming into its own as an up-and-coming Rising Star in the pantheon of alternative media sources. Fewer and fewer Americans, and, in fact, fewer and fewer people anything the media says now. The media, the so-called Fourth Estate, was in previous times the Watchdog of the People, the Guardian of the common weal, the Clarion Voice of the common man and woman. Unfortunately, though, this is no longer the case. The global media no longer reflects or addresses the interests and concerns of the people whom it purportedly serves. It now serves, instead...the self-serving interests of the global corporate entities that finance it...that own it. The global media is no longer the Watchdog for the masses but, rather...the yapping Lapdog of the World Elite. And who are the World Elite? The Global Elite can be only three but immensely key words: The Internationalist Jews. Yes, the Internationalist Jews as described by the ancient prophets of the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible. The term, "internationalist" is not contained in the Bible, to be sure...but the prophets of that time knew the nature of the Jews even then. The Jews, a wandering and wayward and insular race of people who knew not...or know not even now...allegiance to any gentile nation in which they once resided or in which they reside even now. In more modern times, the Bard, the English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare, knew about the nature of the Jews. In his play "The Merchant of Venice," Shakespeare describes the heartless treachery of the Jewish merchant and erstwhile loan shark, Shylock. Both during and after Shakespeare's time ( 1564-1616 ) countless other writers and philosophers expounded upon the inherent perfidy and demonic nature of the Jews. In more modern times the murderousness of the Jews manifested itself during the frenzied blood-letting of the French Revolution of 1789-1794. Almost every one of the fomenters-leaders of this bloody and ill-fated massacre of tens of thousands of people were Jews. Only a few years earlier the leaders of the successful American Revolution ( 1776-1784 ) warned their followers about the invidious dangers posed by the Jews who had infested the colonies. Then-General George Washington observed that the Jews posed a greater threat to the success of the revolution...the cause of liberty...than the massed armies of the colonists enemy, King George 111 of Great Britain. The revered and insightful statesman, Benjamin Franklin, also warned his fellow insurrectionists about the deadly danger posed by the Jews in their midst. In an address to the newly founded colonial Congress, he told those assembled, to paraphrase: If you do not expel the Jews from our midst, in two hundred years your children will curse you. The list of world famous men who at various times in history inveighed against the inhuman treachery of the Jews stretches forth even to this time...our time. The detailed data and quotes by these intelligent and insightful men regarding the Jews can be found in the short book "What World-Famous Men Said About the Jews." To be continued... .