Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gun Control Charge Led By Jews?


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  1. Brother Nathaniel's esoteric information is consistently "spot-on." In this segment he reveals facts unknown to most Americans, i.e., the fact that the Jewish power-brokers who infest America like rats infest a sewer...have for decades led the charge for the disarming of the American citizenry, the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment be damned. This dynamic is easily explained. The Jewish power-brokers, knowing well their innumerable perfidies against America and her people, know that when their perfidies are finally exposed...a day of reckoning will follow...a day of reckoning in which guns will play a major role. If, for example, a man has been having an affair with his neighbor's wife, and the affair is found out...the man would of course prefer that his illicit lover's husband not be armed...