Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guess Who's Exempt From Obamacare?


  1. The current Obama administration is, arguably, the most abjectly corrupt administration ever to befoul the Republic of America, once a republic that was the shining Beacon of Light, of Hope, in a benighted world run by despots of various ilks. America, once the foremost bastion of freedom throughout the world, a nation conceived in the noble concepts of freedom and liberty of the individual...a shining beacon of light that shed its Light of Liberty throughout an enthralled world ...has in recent years devolved into a quasi-dictatorship itself during the almost five years of the current Obamanation administration. Under the Soviet-style reign of dictator Obama and his behind-the-scenes Zionist Jew puppeteers who pull his strings... the once proud and great United States of America is now the Dis-United States of Obamamerika. May God Almighty extend His Hand of mercy over the increasingly unfree Land of the Free...

  2. The whole Obama care fiasco, is a distraction and a cover, for the events that took place just a few weeks ago. Of the victims in the Naval Yard shooting was a military investigator who was researching a case on Obama, setting up a case for treason, and was getting word from a few others within the system, about a possible False Flag event getting ready to take place in Washington DC