Sunday, September 29, 2013

Greece arrests Golden Dawn members of parliament

A member of the Greek parliament is arrested for being a member of his own political party.
The Greek government has declared Golden Dawn, the third largest Greek political party, to be a “criminal organization.” Five of it’s eighteen elected members of parliament have been arrested and charged with being a member of a “criminal organization.”
The party received 7% of the vote in the June 2012 elections. However, in recent weeks it has polled over 15% and is solidly placed as the third largest party.
Recently, a Greek “Gangster Rapper” singer known as “P Killa” was stabbed to death. The suspected killer had Golden Dawn campaign materials at his house. The murder is being used to as an excuse to try to outlaw a major political party.
Left-wing, Marxist Greek parties are notoriously violent and have been engaged in criminal street violence for years. In 2008, tens of thousands of left-wing thugs rioted for three weeks and caused massive destruction and violence in Greece. The left-wing parties are never called to account for their violent members and supporters.

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