Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Speech is Hate Speech According to the Abjectly Corrupt Powers-That-Be in the People's Republic of Columbus,Georgia.


  1. Columbus, Georgia is a dark, dirty, dangerous town of over 200,000 people, over half of them black, the rest comprised of Latinos and a smattering of Asians and East Indians. Many of the whites who live there are young soldiers in training at nearby Ft. Benning, the rest are former military men who retired there. And, of course, there is a small coterie of the Landed Gentry, the elite descendants of slave owners who made their fortunes by exploiting the free labor of the slaves. It is the elites who call the shots in Columbus. When they say "jump!" the rest of the town says timorously "how high?" The elites like this status quo, enjoy their comfortable life-syle, feel safe behind the locked gates of their lily-white guarded and gated communities. There is a large underclass of semi-literate people...serfs...that labor for them, make money for them. Life is good for the elites as they lounge on their patios and sip their cognac and nibble their brie. The unwashed hoi-poloi dwell in run-down neighborhoods far away...out of sight and out of mind. A well funded and equiped police force and sheriffs department keep them in line. The Muscogee County Jail overflows with them. But it is not all cognac and brie for the elites. There are some among the serfs who do not toe the line, some who resist the prevailing status quo, some who dare to think independently, out of the narrow box in which the elites strive to constrain them. Michael Weaver, a young white man, was one of these. Weaver, an ardent, long-time white rights activist, vexed the delicate sensibilities of the elites for many years via his bold and incessant activism on behalf of the white race, activism that, oddly, was vehemently opposed by the fellow whites he was striving to educate. The elites, themselves white ( and Jewish ), wrung their hands day and night seeking to contrive a way to put an end to his politically incorrect activities, activities that the elites feared would cause their serfs to think independently, ponder thoughts not approved by the leftist education system and the all-pervasive Jewish-controlled mega-media machine. The powers that be in Columbus, the ruling elites, will not tolerate any form of independent thought or dissent. One must think within the box...or else. To be continued.

  2. But Weaver, an erudite independent thinker, refused to submit to Groupthink, refused to think within the narrow constraints of the Thoughtbox contrived by the Wine and Cheese-tasting elites who rule the foul roost of Columbus. Weaver, undaunted by the powerful forces arrayed against him, forces that sought to put an end to his socially unapproved endeavors, continued his truth-telling activities, much to the consternation of the elites and the large army of pinky-extending, latte- sipping liberals that infest the erstwhile slave-owning town of Columbus. As late as the 1960s, robed klansmen strolled the streets of Broadway in downtown Columbus with impunity, some of them members of the local police and sheriffs departments. To be continued...

  3. Columbus, though, has "advanced" since those dark and dangerous times when klansmen strolled the streets. Advanced, that is, into a much darker and thus infinitely MORE dangerous city; a litter-strewn, gang-infested city in which responsible mothers usher their children indoors after dark; a city in which women of all ages and races dare not walk around the block in their own neighborhoods after the sun goes down for fear of being robbed, raped...murdered.
    Weaver, the hated white-rights activist, sought for years to warn the white men, women and children of Columbus about the dark peril that lurked, awaited them, in the shadows. But to no avail. His warnings fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. Thus, white men, women and children continued to fall prey to the vicious predations of black gangsta thugs. In Columbus, eight of ten robberies, rapes and murders are committed by black thugs, verifiable statistics that Columbus's white and Jewish elite deny. But then...the white and Jewish elites do not inhabit these deadly neighborhoods. To be continued...