Sunday, September 22, 2013

Biggest trafficker of women in Israeli history finally exposed

Updated: The Jewish newspaper Haaretz published today the name of David Digmi, the biggest trafficker in women in the history of Israel.
David Digmi 
David Digmi

Digmi is described as the central figure in the largest sex trafficking network in the state, with operations and connections overseas in the European countries such as the former Soviet Union, Britain, Cyprus and Belgium. Four other Jews were sentenced to three to 18 years in prison, and another Jew is serving 18 years in a Russian jail.
Digmi was suspected of crimes such as attempted rape, trafficking in women, pimping, extortion, drug possession and many more offenses committed over the course of more than a decade.
In return for being a police informer, Digmi agreed not to commit any crime from the time of the signing of the agreement until the end of his trial, and not to commit any offense that would damage his credibility.
But Digmi, being a Jew, could not keep his promise. Even after signing the agreement with the state he continued to get in trouble. Already during the trial of his former confederates in trafficking, he joined forces with the head of a crime organization and committed extortion. While acting as a state’s witness and testifying, he was caught with drugs in his car and brass knuckles, and also was part-owner of a club in which a woman was arrested for soliciting sex.
The criminal network which Digmi headed smuggled hundreds of young European women from small villages and towns in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia and Uzbekistan after convincing them to come to Israel. They were told they would find work there as waitresses or dancers in clubs. In some of the cases the traffickers, including Digmi, used severe violence against the women. The women were smuggled into Israel through the Egyptian border or flown in through Turkey.
Also involved in the criminal network were the Jews Rami Saban, Avi Yanai, Shmuel Malka, David Moraidi, Yaakov Moraidi and Golan Ezrad.
Digmi told police how the network worked: “Rami Saban and another man rented anapartment on Yeshayahu Street in Tel Aviv. They would bring the women there straight from Egypt. They would call me after a few hours or a day or two and ask me to come to the apartment to choose the girls I wanted to buy. I came to the apartment. There were 10 to 15 girls who came from Russia via Egypt. I would look at the girls and examine them. How they looked, look at their chest, at their body. … Those who were with me at the time of the examinations translated what I said for the girls since they knew [only] Russian. They translated [his instructions] to strip and turn around while I would check them,” Digmi told police.

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  1. They traffic all peoples, but Europeans are viewed as the highest value. They do this shit with kids too.