Monday, September 23, 2013

Affluent black children still score lower than poor white children on Ohio achievement test, white people blamed

The media in Columbus, Ohio is buzzing with a report about the black/white achievement gap in the 3rd grade reading proficiency test.
Black children from affluent households still had an average score that was lower than “white children” in poor households in Franklin County. What they don’t say is that the “white” scores are actually a combination of white and Latino scores. Most Latino groups typically perform higher than blacks but lower than whites.
The district with the lowest “white” score is Whitehall, which has the highest percentage of Latino students. The district’s three elementary schools range from 11%-26% Latino and average less than 50% white.
Overall 61 percent of black students in Ohio pass the third-grade reading test, compared with 87 percent of white students.
Every media outlet in central Ohio is saying the same thing. It absolutely, positively has to be white people’s fault. There can be no other explanation!
Presently, Columbus, Ohio is spending $573,000 to have the Ohio State University train teachers to “better prepare students to pass.” If that doesn’t work, it will probably be white people’s fault also.
Chart from Columbus Dispatch

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