Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Do Jews Love Democracy? Dr. William Pierce

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  1. America is not, as many Americans believe, a democracy but, rather, a republic. The republican form of government is the form of government the founders of America envisioned, intended. There are, to be sure, more than a few direct democracies in our world, but this form of government is experiencing problems in the various counties in which it is practiced. The founders of America knew very well the dangers inherent in a direct democracy form of government, a form of government in which the majority prevails. Many Americans labor under the mistaken belief that the majority should always prevail, a logical concept on its face, but ultimately unworkable. A direct democracy is viable only in those countries in which the population thereof is comprised of one race that shares a common tongue, history and value system. As we know, this does not describe the diverse, multi-cultural, polyglot nation of America, a land comprised of peoples who harken to their own native customs and traditions...a nation comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and diverse systems of government. The Founding Fathers of America were intelligent, insightful men. They knew that, in time, the ignorant, mis-informed, selfish rabble would increase in numbers and cast their votes for politicians who would pander to them and their self-serving needs, "needs" that would be inimicable to the over-all needs and well-being of the country at large. A telling example of this dynamic is the massive influx of foreigners to this country in recent years, i.e., the peoples from south of our border who break our immigration laws by illegally crashing through our porous Southern border. These lawbreakers come here not to assimilate into our American culture but, rather, come here to exploit our various resources. These people are not interested in assimilating into American culture and her value systems but, rather, illegally invade this land to fullfil their own personal, self-serving agendas. When the time comes when the numbers of such people as these become the majority...they will inevitably subsume, conquer, the indigenous people of the land that hosts them. When they become the majority here they will vote for the corrupt, anti-American politicians who pander the most to their selfish interests. The majority will then rule, a majority that loves not America but, instead, will fashion America into a land similar to the the one they left. Again...the American form of government is NOT a democracy, but a republic. Direct democracy is, in essence, rule by the mob, the most numerous demographic. If, for example, the raw majority of "American" voters were comprised of devout Muslims...Sharia Law would prevail here, a brutal system of law that is inimicable to the system of English Common Law upon which this country is based. The laws of South and Central America are vastly different from the laws that our founders enacted here for the benefit of, and to address the unique needs of...the white population for whom this world-unique country was founded. This country, America, was founded by, and for whites. We cede this country at our peril...