Friday, August 9, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden Grovels Before AIPAC aka The Jewish Lobby

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  1. Few Americans are aware that "their" government is not their government at all, but, rather, a wholly-owned and controlled subsidiary of the Israeli government. Via the America/Israel Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC ), the most powerful special interest political lobby group in the world, America's laws and policies, both foreign and domestic...are dictated by America's 51st state...Israel, the REAL capital of America. This state within the erstwhile Republic of America wields more power/influence than the U.S. Congress and the "president" from Kenya, Barack Obama. The Israelis have, since the birth of the Jewish state of Israel in May of 1948, fomented wars upon wars for their own benefit, proxy wars, that is, using and draining the blood of the youth of nations other than their own, especially the blood of the youth of America. Even now, as this writer writes these lines, the naive, gullible American government, that is the master of the naive, gullible, mis-informed American poised to attack Syria because of the Zionist Jew media that insists that the president of Syria, Assad, ordered the recent chemical weapons attack on his own people and outside agitators who sought to destabilize his once stable government. This is more than likely yet another false flag operation conducted by the American CIA and the world-infamous Israeli Mossad, the two "intelligence services" that have throughout their respective ignomious histories destabilized...destroyed...many duly elected governments...governments that refused to pay obeisance to their would-be masters. America enters this deadly fray at her peril....the peril of her "citizens." The combined forces of Russia, China, and wait. America...Obama...must be circumspect, make the right decision. If not...World War 111 looms....