Saturday, August 10, 2013

The word Racist is a Jewish Creation


  1. The 1920s Jewish communist Leon Trotsky, a.k.a. Lev Bronstein did, in fact, coin the term "Racism," a pejorative term still used to this day by modern-day Jewish communists and their "liberal" Gentile boot-licking Gentile barking lapdogs to cow, intimidate, silence those who would have the temerity to speak out against the mis-deeds of any person of a minority race. The term "Racism," via the decades-old psycological conditioning promulgated by the Jewish mega-media machine, has become the most dreaded term in America and other Eurocentric cultures throughout the world. To be accused of being a racist is now, and has for decades been, the worst, most depsicable term of which a Gentile, particularly a white person, can be accused. Powerful white men and women ( Paula Deen, et al. ) tremble at the mere mention of the word. They have been conditioned via the above-mentioned Jewish avoid the appellation of "Racist" at all costs. Homosexuals and even pedophiles are able to dissemminate their abjectly wicked doctrines and agendas at will, with not a word of oppostion from the media...the Jew media, that is. The Jews who do, in fact, own and thus control the "mainstream" media, extoll, promote, the wicked agenda of NAMBLA, i.e., the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a depraved organization comprised of pedophiles who crave sex with under-age boys. In time they will fulfill their time men having sex with young boys will, like gay marriage now...will become the sick norm. And, lurking behind the scenes...will be a Jew or Jews. Yes...the eternal, infernal Jew, i.e., the demonic race of Satanic "people" who committed the the worst, most ignomious hate crime in the blood-soaked annals of human history. The savage torture and brutal murder of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God Himself. The Jewish is indeed the spawn of their father, Satan himself....

  2. Isreal has never been a genuine friend of America, or, in fact, of any other country on the globe. This is because the modern-day Jews ( no, NOT the descendants of the biblical Israelites ) are the ultimate racial supremacists of history and the world. A mere casual perusal of the Babylonian Talmud, one of several Jewish "holy" books, will reveal the Jews' contempt for...hatred of...all the other races of humanity, i.e.,...the Gentile races... the white race in particular. The modern-day "Jews," likely the progeny...the spawn...of the Fallen Angel, Satan himself...hate all that is good and wholesome, as their father, Satan, does. Satan, the liar, the Master Deceiver, has throughout history used his children, the Jews, to wreak havoc, mayhem...upon the Gentile races. Social and racial discord; economic upheaval; the contrived war between the sexes; the contrived wars that throughout history have shed the blood of hundreds of millions of innocent people...have all been the evil handiwork of the eternal, infernal Jew. The Jewish race has indeed been the historical bane of the Family of Man. More than this, though, and most importantly...over 2,000 years ago the Jews ( those who called themselves Jews ) committed the worst hate crime in the blood-soaked annals of human history...the savage torture and brutal murder of God's Son, Jesus the Christ. Yet they, the "Jews," call themselves God's Chosen People. Irony. Bitter irony...