Sunday, August 4, 2013

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  1. typical black neighbor hood, these things don't want a house they want a nest.
    Crime,drugs is the name of the game where ever blacks nest !

  2. No, diversity has NOT strengthened America, nor has it strenghtened any other country. If anything, multi-culturalism has been the bane of every nation in which it has been imposed. Diversity does nothing but create social chaos in the form of numerous contending factions based on race/ethnicity, factions that compete with each other for finite resources. Social unrest...riots...ensue, providing governments with an excuse to impose martial law. Of course, it is the Jewish element that pushes diversity in whichever host country it resides. At the same time, though, the Jews admonish each other to remain unified, cohesive, homogenous, insular. They seek not to assimmilate into the host culture but, rather, to set themselves apart as a unique race, a race that insists on retaining its own customs while corrupting the customs and value systems of the host culture. And thus, in time, the host culture falls, a victim of the internal rot that the Jew has injected into it. Yes, because of the perfidy...the corrupting influence of the Jew...the host culture finally collapses from within...and the Jew moves on to infiltrate yet another culture. In time, it, too, will collapse, be destroyed. The Jew. The Eternal Destroyer.