Friday, August 23, 2013

RIP Delbert "Shorty" Belton:Yet Another White Victim of Multiculturalism


  1. Yet ANOTHER victim of the black crime that runs the increasingly deadly jungle that is America, a jungle howling with savage simians. This 89-year-old man was a WW11 veteran, a Purple Heart winner. On Aug.21, while going about his lawful business in the country for which he had bravely fought, he was accosted by two black simian thugs who, for reasons known only to them...beat the elderly white man to death with a heavy flashlight. This tragedy is MORE than a tragedy. It is a despicable OUTRAGE!! This former Marine did his duty to his country, fought bravely for it...and was brutally and senselessly murdered in it. One can only wonder: If while risking his life fighting in the Jew-instigated war that was WW11 "Shorty" could have known that his once-great country would in time deteriorate into a savage and deadly jungle...would he have fought for it? Perhaps, but probably not. A savage jungle, the jungle that is now not worth fighting for, is not worth the life of even one brave American. Our fighting men who even now are fighting and dying in foreign lands deserve all the honor and respect that we Americans can give them. The fact must be impressed upon them, though, that America is now a corrupt and rotten cesspool teeming with foul breeds of humanity and is no longer WORTH fighting and dying for...

    1. Delbert "Shorty" Belton, an 89-year-old white man and decorated veteran of the Jewish-instigated WW11...was beaten to death by two savage black simians on Aug.21. A survivor of the Battle of Okinowa in the Pacific theater of war against the Japanese, he fought bravely against the Imperial Empire and was wounded in the process. He did not know then that, decades later, he would be savagely attacked and murdered by two black American citizens for whom he had risked his life to save from the enemy of freedom at that time, the Japanese Imperial government. Hindsight, so the sages say, is 20-20. We know not the end from the beginning. "Shorty," though, was a man of his time, a time, regretfully, long passed. The battles in which he fought were battles fought in the noble pursuit of freedom, human freedom, a concept that now exists only in dust-covered history books. Rest in peace, shorty, and thank you for your selfless service to a once great nation that is now a mere shadow of its former world-reknowned granduer. Yes, America, once the greatest, freedom-loving country ever to grace the now a fetid sewer filled with foul sewer rats who deserve not the hard-won freedoms they enjoy via the brave efforts of Shorty and his brave compatriots. Due to the decades-long evil machinations of the world-wide Jewish power structure...America is a basketcase wasteland, not worth fighting or dying for. Rest in peace, Shorty. Alas, your efforts...your bravery...were for nothing...