Friday, August 23, 2013

RIP Chris Lane: Another Black on White Hate Crime Ignored by the Jewish-Controlled Media

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  1. The recent senseless murder of Christopher Lane, a white 22-year-old baseball player from Australia by two simian black thugs and a wigger ( a white, nigger wannabe ) is yet another example among countless others of the ever-increasing scourge of black-on-white crime that daily and nightly afflicts members of the white race in America and other formerly white nations. When questioned by authorities, the black triggerman said matter-of-factly that he and his murderous henchmen killed Lane because they were "bored." The Jewish mega-media machine rarely reports on such heinous crimes though, crimes that would be front page news nation-wide and described as hate crimes if the respective roles were reversed. But Lane was white, and two of his murderers are black, so this detestable incident has been barely covered...has been the above-mentioned Jewish media. It is a little-known fact among whites world-wide that the minions of the world-wide Jewish power structure hate all Gentiles, especially white male Gentiles whom they perceive to be the main threat to their ancient and unrelenting quest for world domination and the enslavement of all her Gentile peoples. The Babylonian Talmud, one of the Jews' "holy" books, describes in unambiguous detail the Jews' hatred of, contempt for, the Gentile races of the world. "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed," says a passage of this unholy book. This book, written by Satan himself, contains many other references to the Jews' blood hatred of Gentiles, i.e., Goyim, i.e., "filthy cattle." Christopher Lane, a young white man whose bright and promising future lay ahead of him, is dead, murdered by two black killers and a white, black-wannabe killer. And the evil minions of the Jewish power structure rub their hands and chortle with glee. Their deliberately debasing media influence over the naive, gullible, ignorant masses of black and white and other foul breeds of filthy cattle has succeeded yet again in its ancient and insidious objective of exterminating the life of yet another member of the best of the Gentiles. The Jews. The Jews. The Jews. The Jews,truly the spawn of the Great Deceiver, the Master of Lies, the Destroyer. Satan.