Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Dream Act is America's Nightmare


  1. Renegade and anti-American members of both the Republicrat and Demican parties, both contolled by the same evil entitiy, i.e., the demonic Jewish power structure that pulls the levers of power that control the American government...are avidly in favor of the controversial Dream Act, a law that, if passed, will do irreparable damage to the soveriegn country of America that we have always known. Illegal aliens who have violated American immigration law by crashing through our southern border, many bearing illegal drugs that ultimately will infest the streets of this country, will be given a free pass for their transgressions. All their sins will be forgiven, while, at the same time, countless American citizens languish in American jails and prisons for much lesser offenses: a cracked rear tail-light, no proof of auto insurance ( gotta pay the Jewish insurance companies ), a dog not on a leash, the grass of a lawn grown too high, etc. Americans, especially white Americans, are becoming second-class citizens in their own country, the country founded by their white Forefathers. The North American continent already is host to countless illegals who drain her public services via foodstamps, Social-Security disability checks, etc. And roughly one third of state and federal prison inmates are comprised of illegals...people who broke our laws to get here and, once here, break other laws that injure and kill legitimate Americans. An average of 25 Americans are killed every day and night in their own country by illegals via drunk-driving car accidents and...murder. Yes, murder, and the rape and subsequent murder of American women. These facts should incur national outrage among Americans, but they do not. Why? Because the Jewish mega-media machine that controls the disemmination of mass "information," the only information that the ignorant masses of dumbed-down Americans know, or THINK they know...suppresses, does not report these facts that are inimicable to their evil agenda. Americans victimized by illegals should launch a massive, class-action lawsuit against the federal government for its egregious failure to enforce the law regarding the massive influx of illegal aliens who not only rape and murder American citizens, but, also, take the scarce jobs that should be given to Americans. America is, after all, THEIR country...or is it?? U.S. Senator John Mcain and his twin faggot Senator, Lindsey ( Lindsey? ) Graham, both RINOS ( Republicans in name only ) are staunch advocates of this bill, a bill that will, if passed...mean the end of America, her society and her culture. This, though, is the objective of the Gentile-hating Jews who infest, control, America...