Saturday, August 3, 2013

Real Death Camps of World War 2


  1. William T. Sherman, the Union general in the American Civil War who in 1865 launched his infamous "March to the Sea," a march by thousands of federal troops who, at the end of that fratricidal and bloody conflict ravaged the Southern countryside from Savannah, Ga. and far beyond...looting, pillaging and credited with the term, "War is hell." And war IS hell. The Second World War, fought at the instigation of international Jewish bankers and other Jewish special interests, was no exception. World War11 was also a hellish nightmare. Like every war, it, too, resulted in the suffering and deaths of many thousands of civilians. In these modern times we call these deaths "collateral damage." Toward the end days of the "War to end all Wars," Hitler's armies had been effectively defeated by the allied forces...the Americans, British and communist Soviets. This triad of aggressors had for months bombed the supply routes of the German routes through which foodstuffs and other vital supplies were transported. The German army was starving, as well as the civilian population of Germany. There was little or no food available, then, for the various prisoners of war held by the Germans. They, too, starved. Add to this dire dynamic the crowded conditions of the German prison camps, crowded conditions in which diseases of all kinds ran rife: Typhus. Dysentery. Cholera. Every variety of death-dealing disease ran rampant in these conditions. Of course people died, as they have always died in the conditions wrought by war. There is, and was...nothing new in this. The prisoners were held by the Germans, to be sure, and German prisoners were held by the allies in camps where they, too, died. Again, there is nothing new in this. The Germans were not the first to incarcerate captives of war, including civilians, neither have they been the last. During every war in the history of America and Great Britain, uniformed prisoners of war...and civilians...have died. One hesitates to mention the untold tens of thousands of civilians who were starved to death in Jewish/Stalinist prison camps...Jewish labor/death camps. But, of course, it is the victor who writes the history books...and, of course...the writer of history will always demonize his enemy while casting himself in the Light of Justice, Honor, and Right...

  2. Your website is extremely biased and historically inaccurate, giving it zero credibility.