Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oprah,Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Facial Profiling

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  1. Oprah Winfrey is no more or less than the usual liberal hypocrite. While decrying and denouncing "The Rich" at every opportunity, she, like her limousine liberal Martha's Vineyard/Hamptons/Cote d'Azure, globe-trotting wealthy elite...spends money like she owns the Federal Reserve Bank, the privately owned "bank" established on Dec.23, 1913 by agents of the Germany-based House of Rothschild, the Jewish family dynasty whose estimated fortune, was, in 2005, estimated at $400 billion. During her recent trip to Switzerland to attend the wedding of a once popular black female entertainer, a wealthy entertainer, of course ( her wealth obtained in America, not Africa ), Winfrey patronized an up-scale haute couture shoppe to acquire a handbag. When Winfrey asked to examine a Jennifer Anniston handbag valued at $38,000, the store clerk, so Winfrey claims, balked. According to Winfrey, the sales-person, seeing that she is black...and overweight...suggested that Winfrey could not afford the handbag. Winfrey, of course, CAN afford the purchase. Her "Oprah Winfrey Show," established for her decades ago by her Jewish managers, made Winfrey the wealthiest woman in the world behind Queen Elizabeth 11 of Great Britain. The world news, to this writer's knowledge, has not reported on whether or not Winfrey ultimately purchased the bag, or even if Winfrey's tale of racial profiling is true. Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not. But $38,000 for a handbag, while Winfrey sheds crocodile tears for the poor and down-trodden? Liberalism and hypocrisy fit hand-in-hand like an astronomically expensive handbag...