Friday, August 9, 2013

Jews,Pornography,and Moral Subversion


  1. Al Goldstein, yet another depraved Satanically inspired Jew whose objective is to subvert...destroy...white Gentile life and culture. The Jews must be eliminated from white society if white society is to survive...

  2. The jews have been more openly contemptuous of us. Either they think they have won or they are more worried that they have not and are simply playing a poker game with a poker face. They play a dangerous game; more are on to them. More and more every day.

    1. I have found in the south that white people are still blind to the jew. Just as the late Commander Rockwell said "I speak of the blacks they cheer me on, I speak of the jew they want to run me out of town" the church is the problem

  3. When the Time of Reckoning comes, the Christian Zionists will feel the burn of the rope along with their god, the Jews...