Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jews are given preferential treatment at Harvard

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  1. Yes, Jews are accorded special...preferential...treatment not only in America's universities, but, in fact, in every institution in this once sovereign country conceived by our white Forefathers. Jews occupy the highest levels of the "American" government, i.e., most Cabinet-level positions, positions in which they wield enormous influence over the foreign and domestic policies of their Gentile host country. Through their demonic influence the Jews, although a minute numerical minority here, are able by guile, deceit and dictate the actions of American's representatives in Congress, a congress that no longer labors on behalf of the American people for whom they ostensibly work, the people who elected them to their plush positions...but, rather...for the Jews and their self-serving special interests. It is the Jews' infestation of the world's institutions of higher learning though, especially those of the elite Ivy-League universities...such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Berkely, Brown, etc...and every other major university in the world...that they, the Jews, wreak their main havoc. The elite universities of the world are where the naive, gullible and impressionable minds of Gentile students are shaped, ultimately be the leaders of the world and its peoples. Under, of course, the guidance...the orders...of their Jewish slave-masters...