Thursday, August 1, 2013

Israel is Committing Genocide Against the Palestinians


  1. Since ancient times, i.e., the times recounted in the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible, the Jews, then called the Israelites...have strived, warred against, every other race of humanity. The Old Testament, the first five books in particular, i.e., the Five Books of Moses that the Jews call the replete with accounts of Israelite/Jewish warfare against and abuse of the various tribes of Gentiles that they encountered during their wanderings throughout the Middle Eastern region. The Israelites, via guile, cunning, subterfuge...conquered and subsequently "put to the sword" the indigenous peoples of those areas. Those unfortunates who were not killed in battle, i.e., the men...became slaves to their conquerors. The comely women became concubines ( whores ) to serve the lusts of the Israelite men. The children became abused slaves whose life...or death...was subject to the whims...the caprices...of their captors. And little has changed since that long-ago time. The modern-day Israelis engage in much the same foul practices as their Forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, etc. The modern-day Israelis have, since the establishment of the official State of Israel in May of 1948 via the infamous Lord Balfour Declaration ( British ), been the lords of the white-slave trade, the main purveyors of white prostitutes whom they distribute to almost every country in the world. The Israelis, a demonically shrewd race of satanic people, are also deeply involved in the manufacture and world-wide distribution of illicit drugs, the popular drug ecstasy in particular. But the main, and most deadly, enterprise of the Jews is the fomentation and exportation of wars around the globe, wars that, albeit far from Israeli soil, are cunningly crafted to benefit Israel, not the ignorant dupe proxies such as America that shed the blood of her ablest young men who fight and die in them. For over a decade now the Israeli government has been striving, via its world-wide control of the media, particularly the American media, to stoke the passions of the ignorant American masses to launch a military strike against Iran. In their cynical effort to dupe naive Americans into conducting such a costly and self-destructive misadventure, the Jews have enlisted the aid of several popular Christian-Zionist ministers such as Pat Robertson ( the 700 Club ) and pastor John Haggee, both avid Zionists. These twin Christian Zionists are loud voices...advocates...for the destruction of Iran, although, of course, THEIR boots will never "hit the ground" there. Only God and His Time will tell if America, like other countries before her...will be an ignorant, beguiled dupe of the Jews. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, a murderer. And, via their support of him and his evil agenda...the "Christian" evangelists Pat Robertson and John Haggee are too...