Saturday, August 24, 2013

How the Jews Started World War 2 - by Dr. William Pierce

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  1. Yes, powerful Jewish interests were the driving force that impelled America's entry into WW11, the "War to end all wars." This fact, though, should not be news to intelligent, informed people. Informed people know that most, if not all, of the wars America has fought since her founding in 1789, the year the U.S. Constitution was ratified, have been in some part fomented by the Race of Satan, the Jews. Actually, the instigation of wars by Satan's angels harken back to biblical times, as recounted in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The Old Testament, particularly the first five books purportedly written by the Israelite, Moses, the five books the modern-day "Jews" call the replete with accounts of Jewish war-mongering. Pillage, rapine and the brutal murder of innocent men, women and even children were were the order of the day in those times, the orders of the day issued, so the Jews say, by Yahweh Himself, the chosen god of the self-proclaimed Chosen People of the Creator of the vast universe itself, an ineffably mighty entity indeed. While modern-day "Jews" constantly bemoan the plethora of injuries inflicted upon them by the Gentile races, i.e., the Goyim, i.e., "filthy cattle" is the demonic Jewish race that has throughout history wreaked havoc in whatever society has been naive enough to accept them, societies they ultimately destroyed via the influence of their Father, the devil. Yes, the Jews, wolves in sheep's clothing, as Jesus the Christ described them, have been the purveyors of misery throughout history and throughout the world. "By their fruits ye shall know them," Christ said, and yes, by their fruits perceptive people DO know their lies, their deceitfulness, their historical treachery, by their debasement of societies and their incessant, historical, self-serving war-mongering throughout the globe. Even now, as this writer writes these lines...the world-wide Satanic Jewish power structure is goading America into yet another war for its benefit...the imminent war against Syria via "President" Obama via his behind-the-scenes Jewish puppetmasters. The ancient Jewish agenda of world-domination marches on...and again, as always...using the marching feet of its proxies, its ignorant serfs...the debased and dumbed-down American people who know not what they do.