Sunday, August 11, 2013

Host Joe Adams of TheWhiteVoice.Com Interviews Free Speech Activist Michael Weaver

Episode 23: With the Host of TheWhiteVoice.Com Joe Adams,John King,and Free Speech activist Michael Weaver.Click on the link above to listen to this hard hitting radio show.


Date: August 11, 2013
By: The White Voice
Description: This week's panel is Joe, John, and Michael Weaver who is a politically persecuted man from Georgia. Block 1: Discussion on the Black killers of 12-year-old White girl Autumn Pasquale in Camden New Jersey. What was their sentence? Was it too short? Do they deserve the rope? Is there a pattern among Major League Baseball players who are suspended for performance enhancing drug usage? Are these players destroying America's past time? Block 2: A White woman shares her story about her daughter engaging in miscegenation and whether or not she fears for her life. Earl Hargraves, the John King critic returns! Block 3: Do pedophiles deserve capital punishment? Will pederasty become a sexual orientation? Should Mexicans be shot dead if they cross the American border illegally? Also an update on Michael Weaver's legal case.

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  1. Long-term white- rights activist Michael Weaver tells his story yet again via radio host Joe Adams' White Voice program. Once again Weaver exposes the abjectly corrupt legal system that daily and nightly abuses the citizens of Columbus, Georgia and Muscogee County. In August of 2011, Weaver was indicted, arrested, and ultimately convicted of the heinous crime of using non-lethal pepper spray to repel two beer-swilling black thugs, both with long criminal records, who sought to car-jack his car and possibly kill him. Weaver, a long-time white-rights activist who incurred the wrath of the crooked powers-that-be who rule the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia because of his white-rights activism...spent almost two years in various jails and prisons in the now-communist state of Georgia. To be continued...