Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Host David Baillie of the American Nationalist Network interviews Free Speech Activist Michael Weaver on August 6, 2013


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  1. The August 6 radio interview of white-rights activist Michael Weaver by David Bailie, host of the on-line radio program, American Nationalist Network, a subsidiary of Blogtalk.com., was a most interesting and informative one. During the half-hour interview, Weaver brought forth the facts of his as yet on-going case, the dynamics of which began years ago when he was a lad of 16. Weaver, an honored and influential member of the erstwhile white- rights group, the National Alliance founded in the '70s by professor Dr. William Luther Pierce, a noted expert in solid-state physics and white-rights activist extraordinaire...an intelligent and informed man indeed...was well known in the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia for his avid activism on behalf of the beleagured white race, the race that throughout history and the world has been the impetus for positive improvement of the human condition. Weaver's activism though, albeit well-intentioned, incurred the wrath of the Jewish-controlled powers-that-be that rule Columbus with a velvet-lined Iron Fist. The "legal" system of Columbus...as corrupt as almost every other organ of jurisprudence in America now...the Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave...used its vast taxpayer-funded resources to persecute, with malice afore-thought...a young American who had done nothing more than to excersize what he thought was his constitutional right of freedom of speech, a right purportedly guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the United States Constituion. Unfortunately for Weaver his naivete over-ruled the prevailing reality that exists in America now. In many jurisdictions in America constitutional protections of individual rights no longer exist. In many places in the formerly free America, a citizen will be harassed, possibly arrested, for invoking his or her constitutional rights, especially when invoking the Bill of Right's Fourth Amendment prohibiting "unreasonable search and seizure." Weaver's malicious and politically motived prosecution for the heinous crime of defending himself and his property against two black thugs, both with criminal records that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would envy, was a travesty, to say the very least. A travesty that this American ( and Vietnam-era veteran ), views with disgust. The corrupt powers-that-be here in Columbus, Georgia shall, when the time is right...have their names and addresses exposed to public view. They sowed the wind...then the whirlwind. The time for the Cleansing draws nigh...it will come...