Thursday, August 1, 2013

GSU administrator says White Student Union has a right to be on campus

“At this point, we’re received emails from six students,” said GSU’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Douglass Covey. “The students are expressing concern about the intended purpose of this organization.”
Dr. Covey tells them the White Student Union, as an informal student club, has every right to exist.
The GSU student body is diverse. 38 percent are white, 35 percent are black, 12 percent are Asian, and seven percent are Latinos.
Dr. Covey said if Sharp wants the club to be a formal, recognized, GSU student organization, he can go through the same application process that the current, 300 or so official student clubs underwent.
“The campus, as a public institution, is a place where freedom of speech and association and the liberal exchange of different points of few is cherished and protected,” Dr. Covey said. “And any group that wishes to seek recognition must meet the standards of alignment with institutional mission and non-discrimination. And any group which wishes to exist informally, without institutional affiliation, certainly is free to do so, just as a right of their citizenship.”
“What we are is an organization that just loves where we come from,” Sharp said, “we love our heritage, we love our ancestries, and we have a lot of pride in that.”
Sharp said he hopes the club will grow during fall semester when more students are attending classes. And he said he wants to work with student clubs representing other races and ethnic groups on charities and causes and issues important to all on campus and across the city.

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