Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Speech Activist Michael Weaver calls in on the Mike Harris show.

August 1st, 2013:

I come on the radio show at 8 minutes and 30 seconds and continue speaking about my case after the break till 21 minutes and 45 seconds into the program.Thank you Mike Harris.

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  1. I sought to continue an important post I had begun on Aug. 12 regarding my son Michael Weaver's illegal/unconstitutional arrest, prosecution and long incarceration for his heinous crime of using non-lethal pepper spray to repel two black felons who had attempted to steal his car...and possibly worse....but the post did not survive the scrutiny of NSA and whatever other snoop groups are lurking in cyberspace. In my post I mentioned the name of the driving force that impelled his mal, malicious, politically motivated prosecution...former columbus police "detective" Cathy Bush, a most vicious and malicious erstwhile member of the corrupt police force that daily and nightly abuses the citizens of this dark, dirty, dangerous town comprised of dark, dirty, dangerous people. I mentioned that Bush, an abjectly debased and corrupt former cop who, during her time as a "law enforcement" officer here in the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia, frequently abused her badge in her malevolent, self-serving efforts to gain an avidly sought promotion for her abuse of the public whom she purportedly "served." This rogue and malicious cop now resides in the white-flight zone of seale, Ala, her three-bedroom hovel hiding behind a copse of scraggly trees. I also mentioned the name of Weaver's prosecutor, Michael Eugene craig, who also, like "detective" bush...resides in a white-flight zone of his own, an opulent and safe exclusively white area in Fortson, Ga. My vanished post sought to betray these abominable and debased minions of the "law" for the abject, cowardly hypocrites that they are...hypocrites who scream the talk but dare not walk the walk. Whatever. Perhaps I've driven my point home with this post...presuming it survives the ever-open, nosy eagle eyes of the Jew-controlled trolls that lurk like rattlesnakes in this fetid swamp that is the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia...perhaps...