Friday, August 9, 2013

"Cognitive Dissonance"


  1. A most excellent and hard-hitting post, Michael. Even a mere cursory examination of the "liberal" agenda will reveal, for those of an open mind and eyes to see...that so-called liberals are fakes, frauds, phoneys. They rejoice in talking the talk but do not walk the walk. On the one hand they deplore gun violence, that, in the black community, kills innumerable blacks, especially young black their own kind. On the other hand, though, liberals promote the foul practice of abortion, a Jew-run industry that kills far more people....especially minority people...than even the most vicious nights in Chicago, Philidelphia, New York, Gary, Indiana, etc. As perhaps you've noticed, when writing the word "liberal," I place the word in quotation marks to indicate irony, because "liberals" are NOT liberal in any dictionary sense of the word. "Liberals" are, without question, the most despicable of people, the most sanctimoniously fraudulent of people who lecture...harangue...others about their lack of morality while they themselves are the most intolerant, vicious of people. We saw this dynamic on 10th Street in Columbus, Georgia. Intolerance, vicious hatred toward those who don't think as they do...

    1. Having perused the many comments I've posted on this site, I see a main common denominator, a central theme. This common denominator and central theme is, so this writer sees it...Jewish perfidy, treachery...the ancient, psycologically sick treachery of the Jews and, in tandem with this, their ancient blood hatred of the Gentile races, i.e., every race of people not of the Jewish race. Throughout history the Jews have boasted about their mastery over the other races of humanity,i.e. the Gentile, Goyim races whose purpose in this life and world, according to them, is, by the Will of God Almighty Himself...nothing more than to serve the Jews in non-beast, human form. And the modern-day Jews, via their vile, ever-pervasive, ever-corrupting media machine...have gulled the peoples of the world to accept the the notion...the canard...that they are the "Chosen people of God Almighty," the race of people that can do no wrong, despite whatever wrong they do. Eons ago, when God's favorite angel, Lucifer, the "bright and shining star," in his hubris rebelled against God and was consequently cast out of heaven along with, so we're told, a third of the angels who had previously loved and adhered to their master, God's, dictates...descended down to Earth, they, in their fury, consumed, corrupted, the earthly paradise that God the Creator had intended for Man, His crowning creation, to enjoy. And since that fateful time, Lucifer and his evil angels have wreaked untold havoc upon mankind, have been ever-diligent in their efforts to destroy their former master's ultimate creation. The signs of Lucifer's ( Satan's ) handiwork are manifest throughout the world now, afflict every race of humanity that inhabits this once pristine but now abjectly corrupt world. Even now, as this writer writes these lines...the Jews and their master and god, Satan...conspire to destroy Gentile humanity. And they are, as yet, succeeding. The signs of these things are here to be seen by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The time for the ultimate, most important decision ever to confront humankind is nigh, is here. God our Creator gave us free will, the free will to choose between Him and the ineffably evil angel, Lucifer and his earthly agents, the demonic Jews. This decision rests with us, God or Satan. To which will ye harken?