Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Anti-Semitic" A Jewish Invented Buzzword


  1. Everything the jews do not like spoken of can be silenced by accusing those of speaking the truth as being anti semetic. It must be public knowledge that everything semitic is not 'kosher'. The jews involvement in pornography, drugs, false flag attacks, and above all trickery has to be shown as being not semetic. These things will be exposed and they can no longer hide behind the anti semetic cloke any longer.

  2. The Jews do indeed exihibit an almost demonic talent for coining buzzwords, a talent they have exploited to great effect throughout history and in whatever host countries they have infiltrated. Words, after all, represent thoughts, and thoughts, in turn, lead to actions. This is why, early in the 20th century, shrewd and far-seeing Jews insinuated themselves into the organs of mass communication, i.e., the print and electronic media. In our time, the Jews are the publishers of virtually every printed publication, i.e., magazines, periodicals, etc. The naive, gullible and ignorant Gentile readers of these publications do not not realize...that they are viewing life..."reality"...through the adulterated lens of the Jewish mindset, the Jewish world-view, the Jewish perspective. This is why the once wholesome mindset of the Gentile populations of the world has, during the past several decades, been corrupted, debased, to conform to the corrupt, debased Jewish mindset. This is a secret hidden in plain sight, which, of course, is the best, most effective way to hide a secret. No one seeks to find secrets hidden in plain sight. But the secrets ARE there to be those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear....