Sunday, July 28, 2013

Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars at Work

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  1. None of the previous 43 U.S. presidents or their respective administrations have been perfect. Every leader of every country is a mere human being, fallible in every way that a human being can be fallible, prone to error. The two terms of the Obama administrations, though, have undoubtedly been the most "fallible," i.e., corrupt, in the history of the Republic of America. "President" Obama, quite likely not even a naturally born American citizen as requiered by our federal the worst of the worst of presidents this nation has ever had to endure. Almost every day Americans awaken to yet another major scandal slithering forth from Washington D.C., the District of Corruption. Despite this, though, Obama is given a pass by the Jewish state-owned Obamamedia, a barking lapdog media that, pooper-scooper in hand, whisks his smelly poop under the rug of the White House Oval Office. Are Americans waking up? CAN they wake up to the realities of Obama's Jew-inspired perfidies, the noxious fumes of which are increasingly escaping from beneath the rug of the once-revered Oval Office? Time will tell...but the time of America's redemption grows short...short.