Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why is there a Double Standard for White people?

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  1. An interesting post, Michael, but of course informed whites ( alas, a minute minority of our people ) already know why there is, and long has been...a double standard of conduct for whites vs blacks: The Jew media, owned and opperated, of Jews and supported by their boot-licking Gentile lapdogs, has covered this base. Since ancient times...pre-biblical times...the Jews, the spawn of Satan himself...have always used the strategy of divide-and-conquer to debase, then subdue, their enemies, i.e., the Gentile races. This highly effective strategy has worked very well for them, as we know. The proof of this is ubiquitous, is manifest in a variety of ways: The undermining and subsequent destruction of the God-ordained family unit comprised of male and female marriage partners; the extollation of the feminist and homosexual agendas that ultimately destroy this most basic social unit; the avid pushing of a socialist/communist economy that discourages individual initiative; the artificial advancement and promotion of unqualified...incompetent... people in job-hiring, contract-bidding and university applications. The list of the malicious abuses by the Jews of our people goes on and on...but again...informed whites know these things. And again...informed whites comprise only a minute fraction of our people. Alas...