Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where's the Media Outrage?


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  1. Nothing new here, same ol' same ol'. Black males rape and murder countless white females in this once-safe country every day and night of the year. Nothing is done about these atrocities, though, because white law-enforcement authorities have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the Jewish-imposed ways of political correctness. Whatever heinous crime a minority has committed, the police are loath to arrest him or her for fear of incurring the wrath of the local, state or national NAACP, as well as the local, state or national branches of the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), a Jewish special interest group that wields immense behind-the-scenes power in the social and political affairs of America and other formerly safe, white-oriented countries. Many local police departments now receive special "training" in how to deal with white-on-black "hate crimes," via the Montgomery-Ala.-based Southern Poverty Law center ( SPLC ), a leftist/communist Jesse Jackson-style "human rights" group that specializes in persecuting...suing out of business...white-rights-oriented groups. Alas, most white people have not awakened to the stark, and deadly, reality that their race is under vicious attack. This is problematic, for a people who are ignorant of their abuse know not to do anything about it. White Americans are, alas, a people lulled to sleep, a people who know not what is happening to them and their children and grandchildren. As in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome...the people are beguiled by entertainments, bread and circuses...and a once-free people fall prey to their destruction. America.